June 30, 2020

Undergraduate research projects:

Katie Russell, Spring 2020 – Examining river herring spawning populations in Potomac River tributaries.

Christa Poulos, Fall 2019- A Comparative Study of the Ichthyoplankton Fish Assemblages from Hunting Creek and Gunston Cove, Virginia in Relation to the Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Coverage at Each Site.

Jeremy Williams, Summer 2019 – Effect of human development on fish community composition in freshwater tidal tributaries.

Christopher Martin, Summer 2018 – Contribution of SAV in fish diets using stable isotope analysis

Brian Kim, Summer 2018 – Diet differences between fish communities of two different tributaries using stomach content analysis. 

Jessica Anang, Fall 2017 – Investigating River Herring Population through environmental DNA.

Samantha Alexander, Summer 2017 – Assessment of fish community structure and diet composition of fishes in two freshwater tidal Potomac River embayments: Gunston Cove and Hunting Creek, Virginia

Tanya Traeger, Fall 2016 – Investigating effects of habitat on fish diets in a freshwater tidal embayment using DNA sequencing of stomach content

Samantha Alexander, Spring 2016 – The Effects of Temperature on the Growth of Young-of-Year Blueback Herring in Potomac River Tributaries

Casey Pehrson, Spring 2015 – Are there ontogenetic shifts in the diet of juvenile Alosa pseudoharengus and Alosa aestivalis?

Zuzanna Abdalla, Fall 2013 – A comparative foodweb study between Gunston Cove and Hunting Creek.

Katharine Dickson, Fall 2012 – Predatory Behaviors of Centropristis striata in Captivity: Observations on the Success Rates of Mixed Predatory Strategies.